Broad update.

During the summer months i was able to cover much land both by foot and by car. My first trip was to descend into cayon del diablo. This is a desert landscape with an arroyo running through it. So although it is barren there are traces of life. The mountains on each side are hollow, so i managed to go deep ino the dark, red, mountains where i found a lot and learned a tremendous amount. (on a side note i advise you never get lost in a cave). These hollow mountains are also mesas, meaning they are flat on the top. and when i managed to weave my way to the top of the mountain I only found another desert which was beautiful and surreal, and as well, taught me many lessons.image

 (Picture from a distant of canyon del diablo: not mine)

on my trip to diablo canyon i went with my childhood friend, mar, because she wanted to come. She to is connected to the natural world, and i have and will take many trips with her (including every single one of my day trips to white sands, kasha katuwe, and tesuque)image

(me and xochtli in tent rocks)

Mar is Dine (navajo) and she took me to a place in taos pueblo, where she is from, that hike in taos was with many people, and it was bursting with water and life.

(all of us in taos)

(Me and Mar in a taos cave)

Afterwards I was so happy to return, first, to the place I grew up, near Tesuque pueblo. The land there is where i learned how to be a person, how to exist amongst nature, i learned everything in Tesuque as a young boy. That land is my mother. I managed to do several trips into the land there including one long trip, and a few day trips. As well as that i went to the neighboring mountains labeled as rio en medio where i did one 3 day trip deep into the desert valley, took a break and did another three day.

(Photo of ‘camel rock’ in Tesuque: not mine)image


(A shelter I built in Rio En Medio)
after my nostalgic time back in my home land. I ventured to the great white deserts near the border of Mexico in New Mexico known commonly as ‘white sands’. This place was absolutely death. It was the most barren land I have encountered besides the black desert (which ill talk about later). These lands had a very very small variety of plants, by which i mean there were two species of plants that i met across a nearly hundred mile radius. And from what I could tell the only moving life were these small black beetles that were scattered across the land, like drifting shadows. image(photo of my silhouette in white sands amongst yucca plants)

I didnt spend a lot of time here, because i knew that this was beyond my limit of living. Really I went here for the aspects of life that are so beautiful. The red sun dragging across a violet sky as it seeps behind white sand dunes is a sight that I am honored to have seen.image

(me and mar in the white desert)

After that, i ventured to kasha katuwe near cochiti peublo (tent rocks new mexico) This trip was for learning but seeing as i was not spending the night there i decided to take my father, my sister, mar, and sarah (another family friend. the place is like art, as if some great hand took a paintbrush and made a masterpiece on the sand.image


(me and my father deep in the canyon of tent rocks)

Although much of these pictures include other people, the mass majority of the time i spent in nature was alone.